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240 Litre Wheeled Bin
EX271240240 Ltr Oil Only Spill Kit - 2 Wheeled Bin
EX271240R240 Ltr Oil Only Spill Kit - Refill


EX171240240 Ltr Maintenance Spill Kit - 2 Wheeled Bin
EX171240R240 Ltr Maintenance Spill Kit - Refill


EX071240240 Ltr Chemical Spill Kit - 2 Wheeled Bin
EX071240R240 Ltr Chemical Spill Kit - Refill



2 wheeled bin, easy to move between locations by one person
Absorbents are organized for quick, easy response
Bin with bold spill kit lettering for quick identification
A complete solution to effective spill response
2 wheeled bins are re-usable. Refill kits available
Weather resistant bin

Kit Contents:
225 x Pads
20 x 1.2m Socks
18 x Haz Waste Bags
18 x Tie
3 x Security Tags
1 x 2 Wheeled Bin (Kit Only)
1 x Instruction Sheet

240 Litre Wheeled Bin

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