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Blue Dot BS 8599-2 Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit

From February 2013 a new British Standard for the contents of Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit has been established. Developed in partnership with the BHTA, BSI (British Standards Institute), medical experts, manufacturers, and key stakeholders.

The standard specifies the components of three sizes of first aid kits (small, medium, and large) for use in motor vehicles. The introduction of this standard will inform motorists on the suitable first aid equipment they should have available and encourage more drivers to have first aid kits available. The correct first aid kit for each vehicle is determined by an assessment of the potential risks associated with that vehicle and the number of potential passengers.

Small Kit Suitable for: 1-3 Passenger Vehicles:
For Example:
- Mopeds
- Motorcycles

Medium Kit Suitable for: 1-8 Passenger Vehicles:
For Example:
- Cars
- Taxi
- Commercial Vehicles

Large Kit Suitable for: 1-16 Passenger Vehicles
For 17+ passengers 2 large kits will be required, multi-level vehicles may require more than 2 kits.


Blue Dot BS 8599-2 Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit

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