Deb Stoko Light Cleanse
EXLGT2LDPEN Deb Stoko Cleanse Light 2L Dispenser
EXOXYEX2LT Deb Stoko OxyBac Extra Foam Wash 2L Cartridge
EXLTW2LT Estesol® Lotion 2L Cartridge


Deb Stoko Cleanse Light 2L Dispenser

For use with Deb Stoko Estesol Lotion Pure, Lotion and Orange Lotion 2L cartridges.

Deb Stoko OxyBac Extra Foam Wash 2L Cartridge

Antimicrobial rich-cream foam hand wash with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® and DoubleDOSE™ pump Foam. Perfume-free, dye-free and preservative-free foam hand wash. Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® a unique patented broad spectrum biocide with highly effective bactericidal

(EN1499) and fungicidal (EN1650) activity; plus effective against many viruses. No environmental contamination. Specifically formulated for use in food handling environments; independently tested to prove non-tainting to food.

Estesol® Lotion 2L Cartridge

Light duty hand cleaner. Lightly fragranced lotion hand cleanser to remove general dirt and grime. Contains glycerin to help prevent skin dryness. Mild blend of surfactants for fast and effective hand cleaning​​​​​​​

Deb Stoko Light Cleanse


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