Drain Covers
EX311004 Drain Cover (Neoprene) 90cm x 90cm
EX317005 Drain Cover (Polyurethane) 50cm x 50cm
EX317009 Drain Cover (Polyurethane) 60cm x 60cm
EX311036 Drain Cover (Mechanical) 67cm x 60.5cm
EX311038 Drain Cover (Mechanical) 43cm x 36cm



Made of heavy duty neoprene
Best used on flat surface
Resitant to acids
Budget drain cover



Flexible Cover moulds to smoth surfaces to create an instant, temporary drain seal that prevents pollution
Chemical-resistant polyurethane resists water, oil and many chemicals
High-visibility yellow colour draws attention to spill for increased safety
Reusable, cleans easily with soap and water
Bottom layer adapts to uneven surface, top layers is laminated to increase strengh



Neoprene seal to form effective oil/chemical resistant barrier
Straightforward single-lever locking operation
Use for deployment during routine operations, such as tanker deliveries
Available in 2 sizes

Drain Covers