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Defibtech Lifeline Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

The Lifeline DefibTech defibrillators are proven to be the easiest to use defibrillators on the market for non-medically trained users in an independent study. With clear verbal and visual instructions guiding the user through each step of the rescue process, the Lifeline AED is quicker and more effective than any other defibrillator.


The standard capacity Lifeline defibrillator (approx. 5-year battery) is capable of performing 125 shocks.


  • - One of the simplest and easiest defibrillators on the market according to study by University of Illinois
  • - Bright status indicator shows aiders when the Lifeline is ready to provide life-saving care
  • - Clear verbal instructions to guide aiders through each step of the rescue process
  • - Bright oversized buttons help untrained defibrillator users
  • - Pre-connected electrode pads easily apply to the patient to administer treatment
  • - Self-contained defibrillator with no need for lids or additional case
  • - Rubberised sides and carry handle for improved mobility
  • - Carries out automatic diagnostic tests so the unit is rescue ready at all times
  • - Ideal for schools, offices and public places

Defibtech Lifeline Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

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