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PowerCap® Infinity® Filters

Pair of replacement filters for PowerCap® Infinity®. Filters should be checked, maintained and replaced regularly to ensure the unit performs correctly. The length of a filters life depends on working application.

About the filters

  • These filters are high efficiency particulate types supplied in pairs.
  • They will filter most particulate matter such as dust, spores, mist and fumes.
  • They will not filter gases, vapours or toxic substances

Only use genuine PowerCap® Infinity® filters supplied in pairs from JSP Ltd or its distributors. Always replace both filters simultaneously. NEVER use compressed air on the filters. This will seriously limit protection.

PowerCap® Infinity® delivers TH3 protection with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40). TH3 is the highest possible rating in the EN 12941:1998 + A2:2008 standard.

PowerCap® Infinity® Filters

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