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Sundstrom SR 520 Respirator Hood with Breathing Tube

For use with a powered respirator or compressed-air supply, the Sundström SR 520 respirator hood is a lightweight and comfortable face shield that helps provide reliable respiratory protection. It features a fixed, flexible breathing tube which connects to a respirator fitted with the relevant filters, and conveys breathable air to the wearer in hazardous working environments. The cellulose acetate visor also provides protection against impact and chemical splash while the continuous airflow keeps the visor demisted to maintain excellent vision.


• PVC-coated respirator hood with cellulose acetate visor
• For use with SR 500, SR 500 EX or SR 700 powered respirators or SR 507 compressed-air supply system (available separately)
• Visor is resistant to impact and chemical splash
• Air supply keeps the visor demisted
• Adjustable head harness for a comfortable fit
• Permanently mounted, flexible breathing tube
• Exhalation valve for great working comfort

Sundstrom SR 520 Respirator Hood with Breathing Tube

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